Gabriel Delgadillo

Rev. Gabriel Delgadillo has served as Pastor of Family Fire UPC in Kingwood, TX, for the last four years. Prior to this, he was the Associate Pastor at Christian Life & Family Center in East Houston, where he served for 18 years. Gabriel believes that ministry is a family affair. He, along with his wife, Esmeralda, and their 2 children are actively involved in ministry at their local church, in their district, and across the UPCI fellowship.

Gabriel is an alumnus of Boston University, Rice University, and the University of Houston, where he majored in History. He has started the pursuit of his Master of Divinity from the Houston Graduate School of Theology M. Div. program.

Gabriel is a bi-vocational pastor. In his secular career, Gabriel has worked as a Software Developer in oil and gas, mortgage, healthcare, technology, and exploration industries (companies such as BP, HP, and NASA). He has been an Administrator for a Christian academy for 15 years, Dean for a multi-campus (Spanish and English) Bible training institute for 8 years, and is an Authorized Facilitator for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training. Gabriel enjoys serving on the board for the Center for Apostolic Counseling, has written several handbooks for curriculum taught in the local church, and is in the revision process of his first book.