The Aftermath of COVID-19: Predictions, Resources, & God

Joel Wells, LMHC delivers sound advice and incredibly helpful resources for pastors and church leaders as the nation begins “recovering” from COVID-19.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Assimilate, Leaders Comforting Leaders (Step 4)

Rev. Ron Macey, Senior Pastor of Royalwood Church (Houston, TX) and South Texas District UPCI Presbyter, talks to church leaders about encouraging other church leaders during difficult times.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Mobilize (Step 2)

Marion Pietz, MS, LMFT, LPC-S is the Clinical Director and Founder of The Center for Apostolic Counseling. In this video, she presents practical tips to mobilize the church and ministry during a crisis.

Keeping Your Mind in Difficult Times: Tes Stewart

Join Evangelist and CAC Board Member, Rev. Tes Stewart, as he unpacks vital information and practical concepts for living in difficult circumstances.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Assimilate (Step 4)

Rev. Chad Parker, MSSW, LMSW, LPC discusses the importance of active listening in assimilating faith and trauma.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Minister, Grief & Loss (Step 3)

Psychologist, Dr. Doug Carpenter, talks in-depth about grief and loss during times of crisis.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Support/Self-Care, Addictions (Step 6)

Psychologist, Dr. Doug Carpenter, addresses the trends of addictions and appropriate interventions during times of crisis.


Zac Klinedinst, Student Pastor at the Pentecostals of Lee Road and a mental health professional, discusses the importance of gratitude and goals in the lives of young people.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Minister (Step 3)

Pastor Donnie Underwood, LMFT, LPC addresses church leaders on ministering during a crisis.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Understanding, Finances (Step 5)

Rev. Rick Lovall, Assistant Director of Stewardship and Senior Loan Officer of the Church Load Fund, gives practical tips for church finances during difficult seasons.

COVID-19 & the Elderly

Rev. Sylvia Clemons, LPC discusses ways to engage the elderly population during this time of social isolation.

Spiritual Disciplines: Mindi Szumanski, CAC Vice President

Spiritual Disciplines in the midst of the pandemic Mindi Szumanski

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Support/Self-Care, Ministers’ Wives (Step 6)

UPCI First Lady and CAC Board Member, Connie Bernard, speaks to ministers’ wives about the realities of navigating a crisis.


These uncertain times have caused serious concern for many adults. However, teenagers have also been affected by the many transitions that have taken place.


Psychotherapist Falicia Miller talks to moms about “survival” during difficult times.

EMMAUS Trauma Model: Support/Self-Care (Step 6)

Rev. Zachary Klinedinst, MA, PLPC, NCC completes the EMMAUS Trauma Model with a discussion about the necessity of support systems and self-care during times of crisis.